Sticker features

  • How long will your stickers last?

    Our custom stickers are printed in a high quality. Stickers are colorfast for at least 1 years, and they are also waterproof and weather resistance.

    Our stickers are very proper to be used on cars, helmets, suitcases, laptops, skateboards, surfboards, cups, or on the surface of various thing. 

    Stickers are washable as well.

  • Do you split the paper backing on stickers?

    No, but our stickers are relatively thicker than usual. Therefore, the stickers will not easily be separated from the back paper.

  • Can you print on the back of my stickers?

    Yes, we can also print on the back of stickers. Please visit this page Back printed stickers.

    If you need to print on the back of other materials, please email us:

  • Matte and glossy finish.

    Both types of stickers have their own specialties. Depend on your needs.

    Matte: Thicker and scratchproof. No facula because of its semi-gloss surface. The texture is similar to leather.

    Glossy: Slightly thinner than matte stickers. The surface is similar to plastic and with harder texture. Glossy stickers do not easily bent even when they are wet.

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